To provide complete, comfortable, and safe beds to children in need in Lorain County, Ohio.

Core Purpose

Empower families with children by delivering beds and other essential items to powerfully supplement the family’s resources as they rise out of poverty and into self-sufficiency.

Who we are

Good Knights is a non-profit, 501(c) (3) organization dedicated to serving low-income families in Lorain County through an empowerment model aiding with dignity.  Beds for children are constructed through a two-step process. ‘Build days’ are made possible through Good Knights sponsors/donors who provide the raw materials for the bed components to be built. ‘Delivery days’ engage the community to further rally volunteers to assist assemble and deliver the beds to families on a separate day. If sufficient funding is secured, recipients may also receive a pillow, sheet set and blankets when their bed is delivered.

Strategic partnerships have been established with a number of social service agencies who’s clients need assistance with self-sustainability. Knowledgeable social workers employed by the referring agencies vet and then refer their organization’s clients. Individuals may also apply online through Good Knights website to receive beds.

Keeping all donated funding within Lorain County, the goal is to meet a demand of about 600 beds annually. While the emphasis is beds for children, Good Knights also collaborates with other non-profit organizations, churches, and schools to deliver more services to families in need.

Roger Dorsey
Executive Director


Roger Dorsey, President/Founder/Executive Director

Roger founded Good Knights in fall 2020 with first-hand knowledge of what it is like to sleep on the floor. At the age of 11 years old when his mother, siblings, and he moved to Elyria, he slept on the floor for 3 years. In his own words, “Not knowing where I would sleep, on a blanket on the floor or in the closet in a pile of clothes made bed time something I hated.” 

He is the former Executive Director of the Lorain County chapter of a national non-profit that has provided beds for kids. Under his guidance they built and delivered over 1,500 beds in a 24-month period. He built several alliances with foundations, corporations, and non-profits to bring awareness to the needs of children in Lorain County.

Roger spent seven years in the United States Marine Corps serving as a Military Policeman and President Support Specialist. He holds a Doctorate in Divinity.

Leadership Team

Board of Directors

Russ Hill – Board Chair

Kurt Zubin – Board Vice Chair 

Lisa Elliot – Board Secretary

Thomas Gerrity

Thelma Cruz

Kathy Kaplan

Matthew Dooley

Jeff Odom

Lorain County Stats

Lorain County is one of the poorest counties in Ohio

  • 27.2% of Lorain residents had an income below the poverty level in 2017, which was 48.7% greater than the poverty level of 14.0% across the entire state of Ohio. 
  • The poverty rate in Elyria is 22.1%. One out of every 4.5 residents of Elyria lives in poverty
  • The poverty rate in Oberlin is 23.5%. One out of every 4.3 residents of Oberlin lives in poverty.